Thank you very much! – number 2!


Welcome to this the second of my thank you videos!

Too often I think we blog or tweet about the negative and so I thought I would do a series of blog posts/videos to say thank you to the people and companies who support me and my creations.

Last time, I spoke about the company StreamElements. This time its another company, who actually become my first (and only) sponsor! Thank you to The Design Mechanism!

Returning to Role-Playing

I was watching a new channel, Stalwartinitiative last night before starting my own stream. The GM was talking about how he got back into RPG games. In a similar way to me, he had played and then suddenly found that there were numerous channels on Twitch playing excellent games. 

I was so excited when I found this out. I had played AD&D first edition for some time in my younger days but had not played for ages. So when someone mentioned they wanted to get into D&D 5th edition my hand shot up (virtually) to be the DM.

However, when I returned I found that the RPG scene was already awash with experienced DMs and players and being a newbie DM again meant that it was the blind trying to lead the experienced. Sessions were not going well, so I made a decision to try another game. And this was when I found Mythras!

Mythras Content

Within weeks I was streaming actual play of the ruleset and creating rule videos on Youtube about the game. It was relatively unknown so viewing figures were low. However I persevered and tweeted out my content copying in @thedesignmehchanism. And then, out of the blue – or the result of a cheeky tweet – I actually heard back from one of the designers of Mythras – Lawrence Whitaker!

After an exchange of emails and non disclose agreements, the decision was made – I was being sponsored by a company!

They took a chance on me…

Working along side the company has been brilliant. I was and still am, a newbie player/GM of the ruleset but the company continues to invest time and energy in my creations.

Soon after being sponsored I started the Mythras Matters podcast which, through their promotion, can get up to 150 listens on average per month. There is a vibrant community who play the game and I have found them all so approachable and supportive of my content.

 I never ever thought that I would be sending emails to a game designer and also having chats with them for the podcast. In the last episode Lawrence Whitaker actually mentioned that he wanted to GM a game for our group – so excited about that!

Mythras is a great ruleset and I really enjoy playing and creating content for it. But what I feel is more important, is the great community which exists through the playing of the game. I have met so many great people and it is possibly solely down to the company as a whole taking a chance on me and sponsoring me. And, for that, I give them a hearty THANK YOU!


So that’s two companies which have supported me so much. Without them I am sure that I would not be doing what I am doing now. I feel so honoured that The Design Mechanism have put their faith in me and my content. Having their support is always so reassuring and also motivational. At those times when I feel that I am not doing a good job, their support makes me smile and realise that people do appreciate and value what I do.

Next time, I am going to talk about some individual streamers who I really need to say a huge thank you to!

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