The Brotherhood

In the Beginning.

There was a time when the world was different. When people wandered the wilderness not knowing what lurked within the swamps, forests or caverns. It was at this time that the Brotherhood came into existence. As people started to explore the wilderness scholars would record and document the inhabitants and civilisations, the network of roads and the ruling powers. But there always existed something more basic, more natural that people often forgot about or even dismissed. The Brotherhood were the first people to recognise the importance of not only the human relevance of new areas but the existing indigenous life which lived there. Nature itself had a presence, the weather, the vegetation and even the animals themselves. These were constantly in flux, from the complex predator and prey relationships of the animals to the impact of the weather on trees and grasslands. This is what the Brotherhood decided to focus on, record and be aware of. They are, essentially the recorders of the natural world.

How they adapted

As the fingers of exploration extended across the continent of Odes, members of the Brotherhood accompanied the explorers. As the guild of cartographers recorded the network or roads and people, the Brotherhood documented the natural aspects of the region. But as the explorers continued to push new frontiers, leaving the initial area and satisfying their need to push the frontiers, members of the Brotherhood remained. Known as Chapters, three individuals would remain in the area to continue to document the interactions. Their job was not to record one instance, but to recording the continual changes which happened and altered the relationships of nature within the area. As new creatures arrived and altered the balance, the Brotherhood recorded and engaged with the changes. As species died out, they recorded these and their passing spirits adding to their documents of the area. They soon became known as the experts of not only the natural area but also the areas natural history and changes.

Members of the Brotherhood

There exists various jobs within the Brotherhood, which members either aspire to or possess the specific skill sets and beliefs to fulfill.

  • Loremasters – These are scholars and recorders of the Brotherhood. Often located within Chapters, their sole responsibility is to record the events and accounts of the area. Often possessing the ability to commune with spirits they record the new and document the old. They are the essential centre pins of the organisation. Often taking apprentices on, they constantly keep them up to date with the knowledge. When a loremaster passes, it is important that the information and knowledge does not go with them.
  • Guardians – The wilderness is a dangerous place. Even though they are the guardians of knowledge of their area, they are not immune to attacks and disagreements. As Loremasters record, Guardians protect. Whether this is the humble Chapter houses, the Loremasters themselves or even the apprentices, the Guardians are the weapon-wielding protectors of the Brotherhood.  Knowledge is important and precious and definitely worth protecting.
  • Wanderers – These are the explorers of the Brotherhood. Assigned to no specific Chapter, they wander the wilderness, collecting and gathering information to bring back to the area’s Chapters. They come from all walks of life but are all keen to protect the natural environment and are often seen as the stereotypical nomads and/or rangers.

Features of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood have certain criteria which they have to fulfill. These are very important to them and will always fulfill, not because they have to, but because they want to and believe in

  • Protect and Record: everything needs to be recorded. Although this does not been written down, it does mean that memories and events need to be remembers and shared with the Loremasters. Once recorded, protection is the main focus of the Brotherhood.
  • Change is accepted and expected
  • Living within the natural world is preferred to civilisatio


Standard Skills : Customs, Locale, Ride, First Aid, Perception

Professional Skills:  Binding, Trance, Culture, Folk Magic, Lore, Track, Survival, Literacy