The Campaign begins…

So there I was, quietly chatting to a couple of other streamers when the topic of Dungeons and Dragons came up. Now, I grew up playing this game, way before the internet was even available and I must say I enjoyed each and every game and campaign which I created or played in. Despite all this I think with hindsight, I was a bit keen to announce that I would DM (Dungeon Master) the campaign. Of course, my fellow streamers gladly acknowledged my offer to lead the campaign and so started several long hours both during the day and late into the night until the first session occurred. What happened will probably go down in history – but just in case history missed it, I recorded the whole session and uploaded it to Youtube…

My Campaign, My Expectations

My experience:

I actually grew up playing RPGs from the Basic Edition of D&D and the Caves of Chaos, through the Assault on the Eerie of the Slave Lords with Advanced Dungeon and Dragons and into the realms of RuneQuest, LoreMaster, Golden Heroes and even Shadowrun.

As the online MMOs came into existence I moved away from the whole day adventure sessions on bank holidays to playing online.

Although I am experienced in being the DM/GM I am currently unfamiliar with the rules of the game. I will have to make decisions quickly based on my current understanding and knowledge of Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition. They might not be correct, but they will not disadvantage anyone and they will keep the game moving.

My view of the game:

I have a few expectations when DMing a campaign and I thought it would be beneficial to share these with you all at the start so you can make a decision whether you want to enter my campaign worlds ir not.

● We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves – let’s remember this and keep this at the top of our aims for any session.

● You might know more than me – if you want to DM the game, then that’s fine, start your own campaign otherwise, send me a message after the game and tell me where I went wrong and we can talk about it.

● I never consider that I am playing against you, I am there to challenge you, but in the end, the game and people’s enjoyment overrules the rules – every time!

● I prefer to work with imagery and imagination – rather than rolls, modifiers and rules. Sometimes things will happen because you are adventuring in a magical world where the rules do not always apply.

● Don’t annoy people, do silly things, be rude or judgemental of real people and then use the excuse that you are just playing your character and/or alignment – I’ve heard all the excuses.

● Leave your bad days, personal conflicts and judgements in the real world – once you are playing, we are in magical world where none of those things exist.

I hope after reading this then you are of a similar philosophy as myself and still want to enter the worlds which I create.

If you are then I ask you – “shall ye enter?” and await to hear the affirmative “Yeah!!!”

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