Gulliver – Civilised Sorcerer – played by Chugawuga

Gulliver’s Story From the age of one, Gulliver spent the next eight years as a Ward of the Realm after being left on the steps of an orphanage. Life in the orphanage was harsh, the orphans were fed nearly every day, but the meager rations were not enough to allow them to properly grow. Gulliver’s life evolved around cleaning the orphanage and carrying out menial tasks for the local tradesmen, who in return would make a small donation to the orphanage. The little free time that the orphans had was usually spent down near the docks where they would practice slinging or throwing stones at flotsam. All children at the age of 9 were subject to The Choosing, where local tradesmen,merchants, and ship captains would choose apprentices and workers. Any child who failed to find a choosing was either forced to enlist in the local militia, or were banished from the city. Failing to find a choosing, Gulliver left the city, traveling further down the coast for several weeks before arriving at another town. With only the clothes on his back he was forced to live on the streets, sleeping in alleys and living of scraps. During his first few months of living on the street, Gulliver befriends a one handed ex thief by the name of Handy Jack. Having “lost” his hand after being caught thieving, Jackson O’Leary was making a living as a street busker and small time fence. Under the instruction of Jack, Gulliver learnt how to play the lyre (a once favourite instrument of Jack’s) and how to judge both people and goods, so that the best possible price could be achieved for the items the pair fenced. Several years past, with nothing untowards happening in Gulliver’s life. With Jack’s vocal talent and Gulliver’s increasing proficiency with the lyre, the duo make a meager living busking in the town’s marketplace. Gulliver likeable personality and talent for “fencing” meant that Jack handed more and more jobs to him. It is whilst trying to fence some stolen items from one of the town residence that Gulliver was arrested and put on trial. Facing several years in prison, Gulliver was “saved” by the owner of the stolen goods. The ageing scholar known as Master Heeley requested that Gulliver makes up for his crime by performing a Debt of Servitude. The court agreed and Gulliver was ordered to serve as “houseboy” to Master Heeley for a period of six years. Unbeknown to Gulliver, Master Heeley was both a scholar but also a practitioner of sorcery, and after seeing certain “magical possibilities” in Gulliver, Heeley wanted to see if these “possibilities” could be improved. For the next two years Gulliver performed his duties as a houseboy. Master Heeley then confided to Gulliver his true reasons for keeping him out of prison, and Gulliver, intrigued by the possibilities agreed to start his studies in sorcery. Four years have passed with Gulliver learning the fundamentals of sorcery, and Master Heeley continuing in his studies of a tome written by a powerful sorcerer. The final pages of the tome make reference to the sorcerer traveling to a new world to which Master Heeley believes he knows the location of. With news of a ship leaving for the new lands, and with Master Heeley being too old to complete the journey, he has decided that Gulliver should seek passage on the ship and continue the search for the sorcerer’s teachings.

Gulliver, who prefers to be called Gully is a small scrawny youth who is approximately 17 winters old. His red hair is unkempt and unruly, his eyes are green and his complexion freckled. Gulliver stands at 153cm tall , and weighs in at 38kg He has a small birthmark in the small of his back, in the shape of a sickle blade.

Over the years serving Master Heeley, Gulliver has become rather fond of the ageing sorcerer, and when given the task of furthering both their studies in the magical arts he is eager to complete the given task. Unfortunately, Gulliver’s age means he is very easily distracted, Master Heeley used to say “Gully my boy, starve your distraction, feed your focus” but alas, some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Hengist – Civilised Warrior – played by Longshanksepg

I am a 2nd of three sons and one daughter to a once noble house Aristocratic familywhich ruled over 3 major towns Acton, Alban, Banning and many villages and farm steads, these lands have been in my family for generations. My Father Ablenden ruled justly and fairly, owing his loyalty and oath to the aged King Elmer. Until 20 years ago, I was 5 when the war happened, the king at the time was old very old dying by all accounts. His oldest son Egesa had decided he was not prepared to wait for his father to die of natural causes, thus he plotted to over through his father. To do this he rallied many nobles (his friends) to his side, my father honoured his oath to the king. However, our neighbouring lord Andsaca, from did not. The fighting was swift and bloody, the armies loyal to the king lost and those who were not slain swore a new oath to the new king. My father who took a terrible wound to the head losing his sight as a result, bent the knee swearing an oath of loyalty. The price was terrible, my older brother Heorot of two years was taken as a hostage by the local lord who also claimed most of our land, leaving my family only the poorest of the three towns and a few nearby farms to support us, although even these lands were garrisoned by troops from the new lord Andsaca. To further punish my family, my father was made to swear his oath to not just the new king but the new lord of most of my family’s ancestral lands. For the next few years I would often get into fights with this lord and his troops sons. Until one day, after a particularly viscous fight where one boy I struck with a stone lost the sight of one eye, I was sent by my father to live with his cousin Beadurof a famous warrior and lord who although sided with the old king was too well respected and too powerful for the new king to punish too harshly (like he did with my family). Living in this new place I learnt the trade of a warrior, learning how to fight both individually, as a unit on both foot and horse, I learnt battle tactics and grand strategy, history and all the other skills of a warrior and that of my noble class. Over this time, I built a reputation of being a fearsome swordsman, often accompanying the other warriors on patrols against bandits, roving creatures and small skirmishes with other noble lords, as the new king found entertainment in pitting his lords against each other in small wars. After 20 long hard years I finally managed to gain permission to visit my father and my young sister Bletsung on the eve of her wedding night. Only to have her stolen in the night by a group of mysterious men in the very early hours of the morning, my brother and I Hrypa worse for drink happned to stumble upon this group as they made off with my sister, we fought them as best we could as drunk as we were. Killing a few of them but, not enough my brother not as skilled with the sword as I took a mortal wound to the leg. I carried him to the family house arriving covered in his blood, shouting for help. I grabbed armour and pack, still on the floor of the main hall where I left them to go drinking with my brother, ran to the stables roughly saddling my charger to set off in pursuit, headless to the commotion and danger the attack had caused and would cause. All I could think of was rescuing my sister, who I hardly knew, but she was family and I wanted revenge on the men who had killed my brother. I followed their trail to the port town only to miss them by a day. I know they are sailing for the isle of name and that they wore the emblem of a two headed and hooded snake…

To find his sisters kidnappers and save his sister.

Hasra Khan- Nomadic Scout- played by Medivac

Hasra Khan was born in to the Grey Ghosts Nomad tribe, a small but efficient tribe on the continent of Odes. They only stopped long enough to forage, and hunt, bare children, or bury the dead, and when they moved on, no sign of their passage would be left, to any but the most skilled tracker.

Growing up Hasra Khan was taught everything about Hunting, tracking, and surviving in the harsh environments that could catch any traveler unaware. He would often go alone in to the night, hunting rabbits, and fowl to stock up his mothers provisions, and as time went by his skills grew, he was able to perceive things that where out of place in the woods, or track small creatures to their burrows, but every now and again his confidence would get the better of him, and he find himself turned around, and having to spend precious time retracing his steps.

On Hasra Khan’s 19th birthing Day he was given a Scimitar and Scabbard, as from now on he would be expected to defend the tribe if needed. He was also presented with the usual clothing of the Grey Ghosts, a grey Cloth like armour that wrapped around his body, quilted on the inside, providing warmth and protection, and a coif of the same material leaving just his eyes visible. All good hunters and scouts knew that grey was the colour of the night, not black.

Twelve days later while about to break camp they where attacked by a group of Bandits, not a big enough to group to cause worry, it was just a raiding party. And as the the Bandits turned and made their withdrawl, Hasra Khan gave chase, skirting around the small bushed which allowed him cover to follow unobserved. For hours he stalked them, keeping the same distance away at all times, he had to make sure this wasn’t part of a larger group. Night was starting to fall, and Hasra made the decission to turn back, retracing his steps, he set off back to the tribe.
Just before dawn he arrived back at where he thought his camp had been, but there was no sign, he retraced his steps back out again and then cutting the trail from a different direction. Still nothing, no wheel marks from the wagons, no hoof prints from the horses, but then he knew there wouldn’t be.

Now a two years later, Hasra Khan has all but given up on finding his tribe, or his mother again. His time has been spent with surviving each days new challenges, helping people where he can. Farmers looking for lost animals, seeking children lost in the forests, and hunting game to feed hungry families.Once he even tracked down a group of cattle thieves for the local guards, they raised a glass or 3 to him that night. Realising that there is a bigger world out there, a world of wonder and dread, a world that he would explore, and who knows what adventures he will find or where his feet will take him.



Bartleby Fumus – Civilised Theist of the Twin Moons – played by Mr Pickles

Bartleby was born to a minor merchant family dealing in plant matter, particularly tobacco or tobacco like plants. His mother’s cold strictness and his father’s undying obsession with intoxicants caused Bartleby to leave home at an early age, confident that he could use his musical aptitude to earn a wage on the road.
Unfortunately, Bartleby was set upon by thugs in the first city he visited. They broke his hands, robbed him, and left him for dead. Bartleby would have died if it wasn’t for the priestesses of Amriel who saved him and did their best to repair his mangled hands. When Bartleby finally recovered, he began to feel the presence of Amriel and Marroth looming over him from the heavens above.
When Bartleby finally healed, he asked the priestesses of the abbey what he could do to repay them. They told him to go out into the world again and heal the sickness of humanity.

Bartleby Fumus is a simple man in his early 20’s who appears consistently distracted. His hands are both mangled and scarred; they look unpleasant to use for fine dexterous activities. Dressing in simple travel garb, he bears all of his possessions in a weathered backpack. Bartleby isn’t particularly short or tall nor is he particularly heavy or light.

Bartleby Fumus seeks to help whomever he meets; to heal their injuries, prevent their demise, or purge their sickness. Perhaps he believes that Amriel and Marroth will give him direction or omens to assist him on this quest.

Bohdi – Human Decker – played by Longshanksepg

Sam, early life grew up watching his father surf on trid and the odd competition in the UK. In an effort to win his father attention he started surfing as soon as he could walk to emulate his father. Surfing has always been a big part of Sam’s life. Heading to the coast at any opportunity to his father’s surf shack. On the west coast, a far fly from the westside apartment the lived In, with his uncle in metro. He loved to hit the waves when he was older Steve and Mars would often accompany him, this is where Mars taught Sam to shoot. These early years were some of the best in his life with his brother and two passions shooting and surfing. This was all that mattered to him.
At age 14 he completed some work experience at Giggabite with his uncle Tomas. It was here that Sam was first exposed to the secrets of the matrix proper. He immediately showed himself to be a natural in navigating the complex realm of the matrix and coding software. So much so that Tomas’s manager recommended to the board of Giggabite that they sponsor Sam like they had previously with the older brother to enter into their scholarship scheme, with the aim of ultimately recruiting them into the corp.
As he got older he split his time learning about the matrix and surfing. When he was 18 Giggabite got him a scholarship to Royal Holloway Metro University. To study Masters in Matrix studies, host security design. 3 years in to the course at the age of 22 he got a call that shattered his world.
“Out of the blue Neptune rang to say they had been in a massive shootout in central between AAA corp security and lonstar swat and that they think their Johnson Tamal set them up. He said the SPQR are hold up and are going off grid for a while but message his burner or meet him on the matrix and he will try contact me”. he also said she might call with tip offs he gets from other runner contacts.

Part way through his degree he gets a message from Steve, from his agent stingray thought he matrix, who he has not seen in years saying, don’t join Giggabite, cos if you do you will be a wage slave forever. With this in mind and not hearing much from my brother until that the message a couple of days after my graduation that he was in trouble and laying low. I decided to try-out some of my skills on the matrix as a independent hacker, on the sly without telling giggabite. As part of this I came across a guy who could supply me with a fake sin linked to a guy called Sean Thomas in southside. I thought well the last two jobs paid ok and my brother does this why not try it on the sly. Could be a way to make some quick yen and mean I can follow Steves advise about not joining a corp. he always did like his freedom and thinking about it the matrix is like the sea wide masterless and open to anyone who can try to ride her as far as they can before the wipe out. Surly that is better than sitting chained to a deck in an office until it spits you out


Billy Bob – Ork Sammy – played by BigBste

Billy Bob is a ork who was in the British army for 15 years before he got injured and made to leave with no medical discharge he can’t get any money out of them and with no family to turn to he now living on the streets. He takes his skills and starts to do the job as a small time shadow runner the money he has made as gone in to making him stronger faster and better at his job

To be the best shadowrunner

Studley – Human Mage – played by Chugawuga

Stanley is 49 years old, slightly overweight (91kg) with a receding hairline.
He wears round, metal framed glasses which he seems to be constantly pushing back onto his nose.
When travelling from place to place he usually drives a dodge scoot which has a large scooter screen on the front and a top box at the back which he uses to store his helmet in.

He lives at home with his mother, who at 78 years old suffers from various illnesses including diabetes, angina, high blood pressure, and lymphoedema.

Stanley used to be an Investigative Journalist for SBC (Southside Broadcasting Company) where he handled a section of the news which focused on “alternative explanations”.
Due to the rise of several corporate funded media stations SBC was forced to make cut backs and Stanley’s section was one of the first to go leaving Stanley unemployed.

Every Wednesday night he plays D&D with his friends in his mothers basement.

Call of Cthulhu

Aaron Webber – Private Investigator – played by Mr Pickles

Willard Peabody – played by Chugawuga

Dr Gordon King – played by Longshanksepg