The moment I achieve LEGENDARY!

If you have ever watched me play any game live on Twitch, you will be aware that I am not a ‘natural’ player. I really have a complete understanding of the game and if it requires any tactics then I am far from skilled. One game I do enjoy playing is Star Wars the Old republic and I’ve been streaming this for some time on Twitch levelling, with help from my followers and viewers, one class after another. It soon became apparent that there might be an achievement which I would be able to actually gain, the title, and accompanying icon, of Legendary. All I had to do was to complete the class story line with each of the eight classes, four on the Imperial side and four on the Republic. Week after week I persevered and last Saturday, while playing my Trooper the moment happened! Luckily I was recording it so it was captured on video, as well as my wonderful Oscar style speech. Enjoy!

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