One of the players created a background for his character Aeron which referred to a group of nomads called the Realm Walkers. In order to ensure that these were firmly embedded into the campaign, I had to, of course, write them into the continent of Odes

Far away from the town of Lindowe, living in the vast rolling plains of Odes, wander the nomadic tribe of the Realm Walkers. No-one is completely sure when or even where they originated from. Some say a power of a god created the initial wanderers, other say that they were a group of people who were tired of the ill-kept ways of the town folk and left Lindowe to strayed far away. They are a tribe of the pure of heart, positive and dedicated to ensuring that evil does not root itself itself to Odes. Although the tribe lives somewhere in the plains, few have even seen either the tribe or their habitation. The Realm Walkers themselves are nothing special. They can be huge or slim, rugged or sylph like. They often would blend easier into a crowd if it was not for two unique and constant attributes of the tribe. Each member carries a long spear, crafted by the smith of the tribe and presented to the walker at birth. This spear carries it own name, one which is given to it at creation and one which bonds it to his owner. To the walker, the spear means everything often perceived an integral part of the walker’s body. From birth both males and females are taught by aged masters of the spear how to wield it with deadly efficiency. A walker without their spear is said to be a walker without its right arm. But, this is not the only measure of the walker for their are often joined in combat by their second faithful weapon. Fore the walkers are breeders and raisers of the combat dogs. Fearless beasts who they train from puppies to aid and assist their masters in everything they do. The war dogs are loyal and follow the walkers commands without fail.

But what is their purpose on Odes? These dedicated warriors appear when evil is said to be spreading its tendrils across the land. People see them as omens of an ill fated future. The walkers are protectors, dedicated to serve the weak and needy. They are symbols of true goodness and some people even rejoice and know that they will be safe if a Realm Walker is about. As part of their progression through the tribe, the youngest members are sent forth to deal with the exploits of evil. Whether this be a marauding band of brigands or bandits or an evil tyrant who seeks to dominate and subdue the local townsfolk. Combat and battle are not their only weapons since tact and diplomancy have often meant that situations have been resolved but, when the times comes, few will mess with the deadly trinity of a Realm Walker, their faithful hound and deadly long spear.

Rank Animal Companion Skills
Tribesman War Dog Teach Canine, Heal Canine, Husbandry Canine, Survival, Locale, Lore (Beasts), Track, Craft (Armour), Endurance, Influence
Apprentice War Dog 50%+ = Teach Canine, Heal Canine, Husbandry Canine + 3 others
Journeyman Falcon 50%+ = Teach Falcon, Heal Falcon, Husbandry Falcon + 3 others at 70%
Master Falcon 50%+ = Teach Falcon, Heal Falcon, Husbandry Falcon + 3 others at 70%
Grand Master Ferret 50%+ = Teach Ferret, Heal Ferret, Husbandry Ferret + 3 others at 90%