🎶The start of my Singing Career! 🎤 🎶

Hand Selected

So this week so the arrival of something which I have been waiting for, for months! When I first saw the Twitch Sings app being advertised I immediately applied to be part of the beta testing. Initially I was so disappointed since I literally got the ‘thank you for your interest’ email and thought my chance of singing with the app was over. However! This week I received the email which I have been waiting for and the news that I was in!

We hand selected you to be one of the very first streamers ever to play Twitch Sings beta.
We think you’re a great fit for the game and would love to know what you think.

I rushed home and immediately loaded it up and started to stream. But there were some things for me to learn.

Setting Up for Streaming.

When ever I start to stream I am used to starting OBS.Live and just adding the game within the scene. You can do this and there is no problem with it, although you can stream directly from the app. You have to ensure that nothing is using the camera, but if nothing else is using it, you can your own webcam view, plus you can then set the stage to have your image appearing right under the words! I must say, I really like this option, although it would be better if the words didn’t cover up my face. Having the words at the bottom of the display would remedy this. Then the only thing that would be blocked would be the cheering fans! When I first used app for streaming, there was something which popped up to say I could click on the viewer count to remove it. I hate having the viewer count on anything – I find that I react differently when I know how many people are viewing me, so I try to keep it off. However, despite clicking everywhere I couldn’t get rid of it at all. It is great that it has all your alerts already there and the chat which means as the streamer and singer, you only have one window open and to concentrate on.

One of my first songs using Twitch Sings.

Songs Options

So once we have selected a song you want to sing, you can decide whether your want to do it solo or start a duet. I would advise doing it solo for a while. I had to try and figure out which key they were singing the songs in. At this point I have to say that I am not musical at all and all the songs appear to be in a different key to the one I sing in 🙂 I think I sing in B flat minor all the time. 🙂 If you start a duet you can just record either the first or second part which people can then sing along to.at any time. Or, if you feel the need, you can join in with one of these duets which have already been recorded. I’m not sure how you stand to upload or sharing these on YouTube so I recorded one and then joined myself to sing with.

You can also, add different effects to your voice. I tend to use ‘pop’ or ‘shimmer’ mainly since apparently they have some auto-tune with them and believe me, I need all the help I can get. There is a choice of background and stages as well so that you can really jazz up your performance. I prefer to have my cam on the stage as the background. This is not because I am vain or anything like that! No, its because I think it allows the viewers to see you in action.

What do points mean? Prizes!

My avatar -couldn’t find an older man

Well, no Twitch app would be complete without some scores and avatars. So as you sing you can score more and more points for accuracy in both notes held and pitch. These soon total up and you can then use these to buy new items for your avatar. If you want, you can then select this avatar to be dancing on your stage choosing from the way they dance from sassy to smooth. If you add the overlay extension to your stream, you can let your viewers vote on challenges which they then rate after you have achieved them. This brings a bit of fun to the stream, especially if you are as bad as singing as I am! Challenges include things like, sing without showing your teeth and sing like a lounge singer – the latter which apparently I did very well!


I definitely think this this app has some great points. If you are a great singer then people will be flocking to your stream to see you in action. For me, who is not good at all, but who enjoys singing in the shower, its a great app to have a laugh with. Yes I love blasting out the tunes, but of course, not from me shower! Well not when using the game in any case!

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