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I suddenly realised this morning that I have not written a personal type blog for some time. While I was browsing through my photos earlier this morning – reminiscing – I found a photo of my no dead cat. I remember streaming yesterday saying that having a pet for your stream sometimes helps engagement so in this post I thought I would talk about the positives and negatives of having a pet.

Once I had a cat!

Yes my cat died some years ago now. I didn’t actually go out to purchase a cat. It was actually a stray found in my mum’s garden that I looked after and became accustom to it. She had a really nice life with me, but sadly did pass away. It was emotional at the time, but now I just remember her fondly. Saying that there are some things that I miss about having her around but other things that I definitely do NOT miss!

Things I NOT miss!

My cat was quite an out there cat. She wasn’t a house cat until she got older and had a cat flap so she could go a-wandering far and wide. This caused several things which I won’t miss.

Through the cat flap…

The cat flap had a magnetic lock on it with my cat having a releasing magnet on her collar around her neck to open it. This didn’t always work and several times I would return home to find more than one cat in my adobe. All sitting around enjoying my sofa’s and chairs! My cat also liked to bring me presents back from her foraging/hunting. Once this included a dead mouse which she presented to me while I was in bed. I actually woke up with my cat stood on my chest and her present for me, a dead mouse, in her mouth, hovering over my face! Another time there was such a clatter from the flap as something was repeating trying to get in. I went to investigate to find my cat trying to get in with a metal dessert spoon attached to the magnet length ways! The cat flap was definitely the bade of my life, with cat fights taking place through the flap and even other cats tapping it and then running off! It was great however to scare trick and treaters! Wearing a suitably halloween glove I would push my hand out of the flap with an accompany screech scaring children and parents at the same time! Of course sweets were available – if they didn’t run off!

The litter tray and business..

As my cat get older she went out less and less. Eventually the litter tray was needed for a daily business. When she was really old she always used to miss the tray, so she had a completely enclosed one meaning she always got it and didn’t scrap the litter out all over the floor! Cleaning it out was definitely a negative, but I think the worse was when you were somewhere and you heard the scrapping of the litter and thought – oh no! Seconds later the smell would hit you and it was a race to dispose of the smelling item before the stench took over the whole abode! Similar to this, was that awful retching sound which I used to hear or be woken up to. Hair Ball! Grass Ball! any type of sick ball was nasty. Although being woken up at least made you aware of it something I was grateful for when walking around the next morning in bare feet! Always turn the light on, look where you are going and wear slippers!!!

My chair .. beware!

My cat got very possessive over a specific chair. It was her chair and she sat, laid or curled up on it. Sometimes she would be asleep on the sofa so I would actually sit on her chair, but no sooner had I sat down she would wake up and come very and pounce on me and try to slide down between me and the side of the chair. In the end, after numerous pawing and licking, I would move to the sofa and she would curl up victorious! I don’t think she liked the smell of my feet either. When I was in bed, if my feet poked out from under the duvet, she would bite them until I tucked the duvet around them. Then she was happy. I actually still do the duvet tucking to this day…her legacy lives on!

Things I do miss.

The biggest thing I miss is the company. Talking to my cat was something I often did and  she appeared to listened. I don’t thing she understood but she would purr and push against me as if she did understand. They are incredibly empathic cats. She seemed to know when I wanted her on my lap for a stroke and a cuddle and when she knew I just needed her to blink her eyes at me from across the room. She spent a huge amount of time with me and would sit on my lap while I was on the computer and she often woke me up after sleeping on my bed. I know I probably shouldn’t have encouraged it, but she always jumped up after I was sleeping. Eventually once I was all tucked in she would fall to sleep on top of the duvet alongside me. Although she didn’t do anything that was worthy of YouTube or you been framed, she would often let out a brief meow to say hello or purr loudly to show how happy she was. I can see why some people often say they see their loved ones as ghosts within their houses. For months after my cat passed away, I still thought I saw her out of my peripheral vision walking from one room to the next. I never replaced her and I know I never will. She never actually appeared on my streams – there wasn’t the technology back then to actually stream! – but I’m sure that she would have brought in the viewers and been a fantastic addition to my Twitch Community…

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