The three ‘P’s of Streaming


So I admit it, I’ve been thinking a lot about my live streaming at the moment. Last week I blogged about my eventual Twitch Revelation. This week, I have come up with three words which I try to keep in my head when I am streaming.

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Mantras to live by

I love finding new mantras and then trying to live by them. I’ve already made videos about my ‘Give Out/In’ series and my ‘Mind and Matter’ one. But I wanted to try and sum up what I try to keep in my head when streaming.

Streaming isn’t easy for me

While I am writing, creating, streaming I always have this nagging doubt in my mind. A little voice saying give up, you can’t do this, you are not worthy. Self-esteem is such a precious thing and I am insanely jealous of anyone who has this in abundance. 

Before, during and after, I am constantly plagued by the self doubt and frequently I have to struggle to continue to stream or blog. Life would be easier just not doing any of it, sitting in a corner of my flat and … well … just staying in my own world. But I am not prepared to let my dwindling self-esteem win.

The 3 ‘P’s

I made this a subtitle so you could, if you wish, just jump to this point. These are the three ‘P’s which I try to keep in my head while streaming. They are what keeps me going and streaming – I guess they must be quite powerful because I am still here!

  • Positivity

    No one wants to come online and watch someone who is sad and negative. Some people get away with being angry or ranting, but for me, this would not be an option. I try to engage a positive mindset before I start to stream. Frequently, second before, I can be very down about things, but I put on a brave face and press the ‘Start Stream’ button. I also try to maintain this feeling throughout the stream. I want to be welcoming and relaxed, I want to celebrate other people’s successes and I want to finish my streaming knowing that I have done a good job. Positivity is not always easy, but it is something which I think keeps me going. I always whisper to myself in my mind – ‘Stay positive inwils’!

  • Promote

    Linking to positivity, I think it is always a good idea to promote what you are all about. This is your uniqueness, the thing which makes you what you are. I always try to remember that I am unique and that, although some people come to the channel to troll, the majority of the viewers are there because they appreciate and enjoy me streaming.
    But for me, something which is very important to me is to promote and support other people. I am a streamer but there are other people out there which are better than me, streaming better content and also working towards making an income and job out of content creating. I have a full-time job which pays the bills while others do not. They are working hard to create a community online which supports them. For me, I want to spend time promoting them and sharing their great streams. This is why I often buy other streamers’ merchandise to wear and promote.

  • Persevere

    The final ‘P’ links to going forward. Progress can be incredibly slow. Few people have the luxury of being ‘found’ and invested in by a major company (and I include Twitch and their partnership programme in this). The majority of us just continue working hard and slowly, but steadily, improving. I always try and think about the actual progression I have made. One more view, one more stream, one more comment – it is all important to engage with and accept.
    Perseverance is what keeps me going day after day, stream after stream. If you watched the video above you will know that the last part of the mantra in that video is but never give up. I don’t care what it takes, I am willing to work hard and continue with what I enjoy doing.


… but never give up…

It is possible to have an easier life. But it is only by challenging ourselves, failing and learning that we actually develop as people.

It doesn’t really matter what keeps you going everyday, whether it is similar mantra to my own or your own well chosen words. The important thing is that you do keep going and strive to achieve your goals

I hope that sharing my ‘P’s with you have helped. There are some empty comment boxes below so if you have some of your own don’t forget to share them with the community. 

Until next time – be positive, promote and persevere. 

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