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The time had come – at last!

I have been walking about with an old-fashioned wallet for some time. It was one with a little pouch for coins, an area down one side for all my cards and then an opening at the back for money notes.

It has been in my possession for some time but is old and falling to bits!

The time had arrived – I needed to buy a new wallet!

My new wallet

If you want to avoid reading the full blog post, I bought and love this one!

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How I decided on the wallet

I wanted to have a wallet that could slip into my trouser pocket. I was no longer carrying my phone on a belt holster, so the wallet had to be slim enough to fit in my pocket and share the space with my iPhone. The new wallet was certainly slim and fitted nicely in my pocket. I did order one that was more of a metallic finish with a button to press for the cards to pop up. But I found the metal on the wallet clashed against my iPhone while in my pocket, so I gave up on that one.

As we use cash less and less in everyday transactions, I wanted the wallet to hold my cards mainly but still have some space for the odd note or two. The wallet also has an opening at the top where you can slide in one of two notes, which makes it perfect.

The final wallet had space for my driver’s license, meaning I always had an ID and a limited number of cards. With only room for a limited number of cards, I had to clear out the numerous cards I carried around with me as I moved from the old to the new wallet. I decided on the needed cards, and many old store cards bit the dust!

The final element of the wallet that clinched the deal was that it was RFID-protected. Despite its size and fake leather finish, it provided that important protection. 


If you want a slim wallet that still allows you to carry the cards you need and a couple of notes, then this would be a perfect wallet for you. Coupled with that, you also get the safety of the RFID protection.

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