They said it would help – so I did it!

I couldn’t resist!

I remember reading something that basically said, in order to grow your Twitch channel, Facebook page or Youtube channel you had to pay money! Yes, you have seen them as well, that Facebook Promotion advert- ‘Other people are boosting this post and are getting millions of likes – why don’t you!’. Well a million might be a slight exaggeration but definitely from the clever advertising it seemed well worth it! So guess what? I took them up on their offer! – and here are the results!

Moving in the right circles

I never think I move in the right circles either socially or professionally. If I mention at work that I stream games on the weekends I am usually met with strange looks or even disapproving stares! However, the result of this is that I really need to work on my social media strategy and, despite Twitter and Facebook making this a lot harder – I continue to persevere in order to improve my Twitch Channel etc. As you can imagine, if there is ever a chance that I could improve the ‘reach’ of my social media links then I would be wise to take it.

This is not an advert – just an image

Facebook Boosts!

We have probably all seen posts like this appearing on our Facebook feeds and, after thinking what have I got to lose or while in a trough of desperation to get more likes, I thought I would take them up on their offer and pay some of my hard earn Twitch Income to pay for a ‘boost’/promotion. I always try and keep my Twitch income separate from my work income, so that I am constantly ploughing any bits/cheers back into my stream. So I clicked and agreed to pay £10.00 on the promotion looking forward to reaching out there and gaining some well earned ‘likes’.

What did I boost?

Well, I thought I better go with what Facebook suggested so I chose a Call of Cthulhu post which was an actual play from this website. I chose the demographic – men and women aged between 18 and 50 with the only specification that they would be in the UK. I have had likes before some some very nice looking ladies from the Ukraine who I got that the feeling from their profile pics that they were not interested in joining our group of investigators! I paid £10.00 and asked for the post/page to be promoted for 7 days. I had the offer to extend this and thought I would do this, if I found out that the campaign was successful! I paid, pressed go and sat back awaiting for the likes to flock in!

The results!

I was going to put the results in a separate waffle, but I couldn’t bring myself to engage in that sort of a campaign strategy! So here are the results – in both pictures and words!

This is not an advert – just an image

Yes! You are reading that correctly – For my £10.00 my post reached 2461 people! wahoo!!! Out of those people, only 37 actually clicked on the link and – the moment you have all been waiting for – How many more likes did I get? Well the next graph says it all!

But how many likes!?

For my £10.00 I got one post like and 2 (yes 2!!!) Page likes. I think we should take a moment to just revel in the multitude of likes and the positive impact of the promotion……#sarcasm?

What have I learnt?

Well, the first thing is that marketing strategies that Facebook might use for some pages certainly doesn’t work for mine mainly due to the content. It is apparent that the post/page reached a significant number of people, although it would appear that the majority of them just thought “no thanks!” or, and more likely – “call of who??”. I’m pleased that I actually took Facebook up on their offer because at least now I am not wondering, would this actually work for me – I actually know it won’t. Am I cross? nah, I knew it would be a social experiment and the results have provided me with this waffle! Would I recommend it to others – well if you have the money to spare, you could give it ago, but maybe not something obscure like Call of Cthulhu!


Here is the link to my Facebook page if you fancy giving it a like

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