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Yes, I now consider that the summer is over and, as I head back to work after the summer vacation it is time to get into a regular habit of blogging for another year. So much had changed over the summer and I am really looking forward to bringing you up to date with everything, but this first blog post I wanted to share with you some points which I have been holding in for a while! Yes it sounds dramatic but I really wanted to share with you three things which really, currently, annoy me…

If you are new to this blog let me provide you with some insight to what to expect. Although I have a professional blog, this is the blogging space where I let my blogging move more into the personal content. This is usually my thoughts and considerations on a range of topics but include everyday life, gaming and the internet in general. You might just want to read some of the blog posts about my weird life if you are new to me so that you can see how weird and strange I actually am. If you just want to take a risk – braver than me! – then just continue reading and I hope you enjoy.

Ok, so throughout summer I have been pondering on things which really annoy me. I was getting my hair cut this morning and the hairdresser was telling me that an older lady once told her that she felt, the older woman not the hairdresser, that she has earned the right to be angry and annoying. Although I don’t feel at all that I have earned the ‘right’ to be annoyed with things not do I perceive myself as an old, ranting man you complains a lot. I suppose that only having three things which annoy me actually demonstrates this fact. Anyway – without further a do, here are the three things.

  • Cyclists on Pavements – Before you all get annoyed with me, I am referring here to fully grown people who, instead of cycling down the road, actually cycle on the pavement and think that they should have right of way. To give you a specific example, every morning, as I walk to work, a lady rides on the pavement on her bike. She is a middle aged lady who protects her head with a crash helmet, wears a yellow fluorescent vest so other road others can see her and uses a sensibly placed basket to hold her satchel. Although there is a cycle path identified on the road, she rides on the pavement, getting closer and closer to pedestrians before ringing her bell to get them to move out of the way so she can get past. I actually saw her do this to a young mum who was pushing a pram! I have no objections to children being on the pavement on their bikes, indeed the majority of children on bikes often stop and let me pass. As a pedestrian, I feel that there are enough hazard on the pavements as it is without needing to be constantly aware of rogue cyclists.

  • Queues in Coffee shops – Well, that sub title is probably a little misleading. I’m a single person – old and not the best looking and if you have read some of my weird life series you can probably see why – so I often end up visiting coffee shops by myself. I arrive at the shop and join the queue ready to be served and, as I stand there, I do what everyone does, start to scan the shop to see where to sit. Now I could actually add to the list of things which annoys me the lack of seating for the single person in coffee shops but I didn’t want to turn this into a coffee shop rant. So I’m there awaiting to be served checking out the seating when people with friends or families arrive in the queue behind me and, instead of waiting to be served before they sit down, they send off members of their party to ‘grab’ and ‘save’ (or even baggies!) chairs and tables before they actually have their drinks. On busy days, by the time I get served, singletons like me are left stood in the middle of the coffee shop, holding my single drink searching for a place to sit, while most of the tables are taken with people without drinks. Although this does annoy me – I must confess that if I am with people then I tend to save chairs – but then I consider this as pay back!

  • Impolite people – Although almost all impolite people annoy me, I am referring to a specific group of people in this mini rant. I am what I consider a very caring and sympathetic driver. I always let people go through the gaps first and like to acknowledge other drives for their kindness not only with a flash of the lights or hand up to the windscreen but also a friendly smile. I do think that some people have forgotten how to smile. I guess we sometimes get caught up in our hectic lives that we forget how powerful and pleasant just rising the corners of our mouths can be. I often find myself sitting in my car, rising my hand in thanks to other drivers and smiling only to be greeted with complete and total dismissal or not even a sign of acknowledgement. Surely it takes almost no effort at all just to smile or nod or mouth – thank you!

  • I know they are not that earth shattering but these three things do annoy me and it would appear, to me at least, that they are very easy to solve and avoid, making my life a lot less ‘intense’. I do feel that this blog post lacks continuity and flow, but stick with me, the flow will return as I get back into practice. So what annoys you? Can you name three simple things which annoy you and could be easily avoided? Well as always, if you have any thoughts or comments on this post then please add them below or send them to me via any of the social media sites I frequent. You can keep up to date with my content by following me on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in joining or playing Minecraft, then please check out my Minecraft webpage for details of joining the the server. Of course any subscribers to my YouTube channel are always appreciated.

    Have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!

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