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I tend to rate a movie by two factors. 1) Do I watch it all in on sitting and 2) Would I watch it again. Although this is probably why I don’t go to the cinemas to watch films often, since it can be a bit embarrassing when I get bored halfway through and want to leave! This review is of a film a recently watched and to keep you guessing there is a cryptic clue in the title of this post!


In order to effectively communicate the way I rate films, you need to understand the following. ‘Sittings’ refers to the number of sittings I took to watch the whole film. With this the lower the number the better – for example ‘Sittings=1’ means I watched the whole film in one go, while ‘Sittings >3’ means that I am still trying to finish it – not good! The ‘Again’ rating refers to whether I will watch the film again and this will be more of a qualitative response -for example Again=Definitely! or Never ever, ever, ever! With this established, we can move onto the film that I wanted to talk about – Pitch Perfect!

Did you get the name of the film from the cryptic title? I’ve heard a lot about this film and thought, with the sequel currently being advertised and one of the leads (Rebel Wilson – what a great name!) recently being on Graham Norton’s show I should boot up Amazon Prime Movies and have a watch.

I’m a bit of a musical sort of guy, so anything that has singing and dancing in it I’m there! Of course Pitch Perfect did not disappoint. The singing and dancing were excellent throughout and the songs were both familiar yet somehow different. The storyline is what I would call the usual ‘Rom com’ storyline – being both predictable, yet watchable. It did keep me engaged throughout yet, although you know what is going to happen, you keep watching it and reacting to the events. The characters are very funny, and Fat Amy definitely steals the show for me with some excellent one liners and singing. The interaction between the ‘Bellas’ was so funny and each had their own character which produced a range of very amusing scenes. The two commentators at the competitions reminded me of the hosts from Miss Congeniality and I really thought the woman would knock the guy out in the end for his comments, rather than playing his leg like a guitar! There are some points which I need to talk about that I was ‘disappointed’ by. The excessive use of vomit is something which I feel didn’t really add to the story, including the ‘sick angel’. Not even sure whether that amount of vomit can actually come out of a single person! Also, what was the deal with the main character’s room mate? Not sure what the purpose of this was or whether it was actually resolved in the end – unless of course I missed it completely. The final song and dance routine at the competition was excellent, but I query the ability to get those low notes – even before or after nodule surgery. Not sure of the actual science here, but really? was it necessary? These are just minor points and something which I had to really think about to pick out about the whole film. For me it was an excellent film which I enjoyed both watching and listening to – yes I have listened to some of the songs again on Youtube!

So now the important ratings!

Sittings = 1

Again = Most definitely!

I’m not sure whether I will be watching the sequel, I’m not sure if it will live up to the first one – remember in my opinion the only successful sequel has been Aliens! – but I might watch it and feedback when it comes out for the tele. If you want a comfortable film to watch this weekend then definitely check out Pitch Perfect!

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