Tights and underpants!

I’ve always been a superhero fan – who isn’t! Bank holidays are what I call unexpected days. I never plan much for these days and my usual busy weekend routine has been completed. Usually I would be at work, so I see it almost as a free day. Because of this, I once spent one sunny May Day playing Champions Online (I think) for the whole day – only breaking for food and the bathroom. It was while enjoying the Easter bank holiday weekend that I remembered this and thought it was time to slip into that lycra again and to enjoy some superhero exploits!

My character on that memorable bank holiday, was called MindField and was essentially a hero with pyschic powers who hovered at the back of battles, crowd controlling and doing gentle damage. After talking to some of my followers on my Twitch Stream, it appeared that DC Universe Online was one of the popular superhero games to play so, after downloading it and having a quick play, I clicked the ‘stream live’ button on OBS and started my journey as the super villain who would eventually rule the world!

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