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Time to be sponsored!
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Life is full of ebbs and flows. You might feel you are on top of something but then you suddenly realise you are not, or you might even think you are far behind but the outlook is actually better than it originally seems.

Things happen and these can be through our own hard work or just because we are lucky!


I had been struggling with streaming and working full time and even my community had noticed that I hadn’t been around. So I had decided to get my butt in gear again and start to work for the things which I really wanted to achieve and then, out of the blue, something came along!

StreamElements trusts me again!

I have been using StreamElements as my streaming platform for some time. Actually for a lot longer than some of their current stream stars have. At the beginning I struggled with the set up but now, it is all second nature to me. Their staff are very friendly and supportive and the platform is continuing to go from strength to strength.

They have already but their trust in me as a small streamer before! After writing a blog post some time ago, they awarded me a sweatshirt and since then I have been part of their beta projects. I actually signed up for the merchandise one and really like the way this is done, although my own personal artistic skills mean that I rarely sell anything.

But I was never expecting what happened next, but it definitely came at the right time for me!

Me wearing my inwils sweat shirt from Streamelements

Sponsored Beta

I woke very hard on my creative content side of things and it is always a struggle to keep everything going as well as working full time. But, at a time when I was struggling, losing motivation and really feeling low, I just happened to log into my StreamElements dashboard to find that I had been invited to their sponsors beta event. 😱😱😱😱

There, on my dashboard, was a new page which presented opportunities from gaming company to stream their games and encourage people to have a go at their new games. I was so excited! Not only did this provide me with some direction again, but it also made me aware that there was someone out there who sees me as an investment. It might not have been a big decision for StreamElements at that time, but it was huge for me!

I immediately got started, downloading the games and planning my streaming around my already busy schedule. It was so amazing that throughout my day job I was actually thinking, ‘”I can’t wait until tonight to stream that game and share it with the in-crowd!”

➡➡Sorry for the poor sound quality

Ready Prepared!

Whenever I start something new, I’m always worried that I might not do things correctly. But StreamElements have obviously thought about this in advance. Not only is there a detailed, well presented downloadable PDF which provides a lot of information, they also provide the on-screen alerts and a ‘Starting Soon’ screen for each of the sponsors. 

With a press of a button, they also add a timer and a command to your dashboard so really you are ready to go with a few presses of a button! You do need to be running the StreamElements bot in your chat, but let’s face it, why would you not be running it since it is awesome!

The mandatory targets which you have to achieve are clearly stated and these update as your community joins and supports you. Of course you have the link to the game which you can copy to both your social media accounts and share on Twitch as well. One important point, in order to ensure that you are meeting the laws of the land, you need to add #sponsored into your tweets and titles.

Expanding my games

I’ve actually completed two sponsor streams for two different games and, as a small streamer, I found the targets difficult but possible to achieve. As well as motivating me to stream more, the deals have also encouraged me to play different and new games. I often find this difficult but with the sponsor system I have really enjoyed engaging with the games and deciding whether or not I enjoy them.

I hope it has also been beneficial for our community – I know one member of the in-crowd who really loved the games and has not got requests to be a guild leader!

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StreamElements has done another great job with this and I feel really honoured that they asked me to come onboard with them. Like I said at the beginning it is great how they trust and encourage small streamers like myself.

If you haven’t check them out yet please do so and if you think I might be the sort of person you will enjoy on the live streams, then it would be great if you would like to join our community – I think the in-crowders would all agree we are all approachable and friendly.

Until next time, have fun, stay safe and I’ll catch you all later!

Cya, bye!







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