To blog or not to blog

Always thinking…

I have one of those minds which is always thinking. I know that I probably should only do things for their enjoyment, but I have this constant urge to get better and be acknowledged. Many people tell me off for this, but I guess it is somehow indigenous to my personality. The current thought which is echoing through the depths of my consciousness is where to publish content to and how to publish it. My options are not necessary whether to blog or not, but where to blog to…

The lure of YouTube.

Subscribe to YouTube

As you might be aware, I am working really hard on my YouTube channel at the moment. Trying to get up to 1,000 subscribers is quite a battle, but I am continue to strive to get there so I can apply for partnership. Although this also means I can make a small amount of money from your content, for me it is really about the achievement. I’ve never been reached anything significant before within a platform, so this is really important to me. But when I am looking at content, I am not sure whether it should be on YouTube. Watching a video requires time from the viewer and commitment. They need to stop what they are doing and actually engage with it. Now there is definitely a market out there for blogging type of videos or even actual play videos – Roll4it has ten of thousands of views of their actual play videos (I generally get less than 50) so some people do like watching these. The question is whether I should stick to more instructional videos, these are the ones I tend to watch on YouTube, rather than just general ones. I do also like ‘day in the life of a…’, guess I am just nosy! So should I be more specific about creating content for YouTube, reserving the content to just instructional and personal blogs? And if I am doing, where should all my other content go?

The power of the voice

Podcasting Microphone
Podcasting Microphone

Now, don’t worry, I am not going to refer to my singing videos here – although they do do well on YouTube. I am talking more about podcasting. I’m a great listener of books – I tend not to read for pleasure much at all – with my monthly subscription to Audible definitely being used completely. I was looking at the Linked in posts on my professional account yesterday, when I saw an interesting post from Colin Gray, @thepodcasthost. He was talking about the advantage of podcasting. There was a lot of truth in his words. While video needs dedicated time, podcasting allows you to listen while you are doing something else. For example, I always listen to audible books or podcasts, e.g. The Archology Podcast, as I am walking to work. I’m not sure how people make money from podcasting, but I am assuming that sponsorships and advertising. Similarly to YouTube, I can imagine that you need a large number of regular listeners in order to gain this. Podcasting certainly has the advantage that I don’t need to appear on video, although there is still the editing and research to do. Also, YouTube is free – while a lot of the podcasting sites limit time of your uploads before you have to pay.

Power of the pen is greater than the sword…

Pen writing

If you are reading this then you are probably a dying breed of people. I really enjoy blogging, but I think nowadays few people actually read. I know I have already admitted to be one of those people who do not read much now, mainly due to the amount of academic reading I do with work. I actually do script my podcasts, mainly since it keeps me on track and also encourages me to do the ‘show’ in one go. In the past, I have written a blog, and then recorded it and put the audio version at the top of the page. These never got a lot of listens, but I am assuming that that might have been related to the low numbers of readers of the blog. One of the advantages of blogging is I can literally do it anywhere. Planning for any content is the same. I can sit in my coffee shop and just write (or type to be more precise). I actually do find it very relaxing and ‘natural’. I’m not sure who reads my blogs and I rarely look at numbers, mainly because there is nothing to ‘achieve’. I guess again, if I had loads of viewers and readers, then the sponsorships would flood in.

So what next?

I think I need to look at the type of content I am creating and then decide how this content would be best viewed. I’m not keen on producing the same content across multiple media, but two would be doable. I also think I need to look at how much content I actually produce and to try and gain some consistency about this. Well this one, is definitely going to be a blog but even while I am sat here, I am wondering whether it would make a good podcast or even a video! Which means, I am probably no further on with my decision as I was at the start of this blog post. Any suggestions, then I would love to hear about them. Yes you guessed it, the area below is all prepped and ready for you.

So until next time, have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, happy reading/watching and listening.

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