To coin a phrase – “I do not believe it!!!”

One thing I love about streaming and presenting on the radio station is that you never know what is going to happen and sometimes, when the unexpected happens, I never quite realise what is happening or how to react! However, there is one thing I think I am very good at, and that’s giving a good speech…

You might be aware that as well as having my own radio station I also stream on Twitch. I started this in a vain attempt to try and play the games more and to build up some kind of community, as well as possibly improving my game play. You hear of all these stories of people streaming games and doing YouTube as their full time job. I have a full time job which I really enjoy so don’t do streaming to cover everyday living expenses, but I do like to provide giveaways, as well as trying to rise some cash for the radio station which I run, so any addition cash is always appreciated. I therefore thought there would be no harm in placing a donate button within my ‘details’ below my stream. I was very surprised when someone actually made a donation to my stream and luckily I managed to capture it so you can see how it happened. If you zoom to the end of the video you can see my ‘Oscar style’ speech

I’ve put this bit down here because I know that not many people will have scrolled down past the video. Its just a bit personal, but I wanted to add it here because I feel it is important to engage with this especially after receiving a donation. I’m not a very confident person at all and tend to take all comments in a negative way so streaming helps me ‘absorb’ these comments and also react in a more positive way. It has also been very good for my self esteem when people have been very positive about not only my stream but me as a person. There was a time when I could hardly leave the house because of anxiety and streaming and my radio station, continues to help me put myself out there and open to, and I know it sound bad, but criticism so I can build my resilience. If you are a regular viewer and supporter of me and my stream then please accept this, my grateful thanks.

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