Warlock Levelling…

You are probably getting tired of the constant online gaming videos which have been appearing over the past few weeks – but once I have time on my hands I like to fill it with gaming. And if it wasn’t gaming videos it would be quite dull videos of me typing in permissions to a yml file to get my Minecraft servers up and running – maybe that’s more desirable…


I have had a good think about playing classes recently and decided to go back to playing the class that I really enjoy, which is the pet classes of the games. In order to make a start I thought it was time to level my Warlock from 90th – 100th. It does take a while for the dungeons to ‘pop’ although I think this is compared to the instant ‘pop’ of playing a tank and quite frequent ‘pop’ of playing a healer. I do like the micro management of playing with a pet, pulling more than just one mob, and keeping them off me to allow me to cast. Although I tried Destruction, my favourite spec has to be Affliction so this is what I have been playing. I lack the instant burst damage in dungeons or the area of effect spells for groups, but in the longer boss fights I tend to do a bit better as my DOTs actually have time to complete. Anyway – here is the video recorded from my live stream.

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