Wednesday’s Healing

If you play World of Warcraft, you will be aware that Wednesday is reset day. What this means is that all the content from the past week is reset and you can do the raids to gain those elusive upgrades to your items…if you are lucky!…

Although I have two pet classes still to level to one hundred, I still find myself struggling with the healers within the game to try and find my role and place. I currently have a shaman, monk, paladin and priest all at 100th level, with the final healing class, the druid, at 90th still. As far as I am aware, it is not possible to level or complete dailies in healing spec for the first three classes so they all have an off spec (melee or tank) to allow them to level. My priest levelled 90th – 100th as discipline – the same as I did in the beta – although when it comes to raid/dungeon healing I tend to switch to Holy for the diversity of heals and abilities. You might be about to say that the priest is not a pet class, so how can I level it as discipline. This is mainly due to the shield ability. The mobs can stand as close as they want and I don’t actually take damage due to the shield – unlike the Moonkin, Mage and Shaman who, when fighting at range, just gets whacked when the mobs get too close of there isn’t the space to engage at range. As I try to decide what class to prepare for Legion, I thought I had better run some Looking For Raids (LFR) in an attempt to get some items…although I have the feeling that Blizzard wants me to play more since the items were few and far between as drops…What follows is some healing from my resto shaman – panda power!!!

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