Well, I had a go…

Murder she wrote?

Creative Peaks?

I think I have the most active brain in the world! It is constantly on the go, juggling a variety of tasks, thinking of new ones, completing existing ones and even reflecting on the ones which I have finished. It might sound like a wonderful attribute to have, but it is really a curse at times. Trying to fall to sleep for example is a nightmare. I have to give my brain something to listen to and digest while I drop off to slumber land! This is often a Twitch stream, although if they switch games and start to play shooting/zombies ones, I end up having nightmares!

Work often keeps my brain busy, but once I am on leave, I have to instantly create things for it to do otherwise I just get bored, frustrated and end up returning to work early. While most people might just chill and relax on leave, I actually work as hard or even harder! With two weeks annual leave, some of my ideas which have lied dormant for some time, spring to life and one of these was to write a short narrative.

Now, I know I am no literally genius, and I am not expecting these to make me into a well known author, but they did allow me to consume some hours writing and editing. I love creating narratives within the role playing games I play and have recent taken to actually adding the character voices within Black Desert Online, since no voices are available. So the premise was to try and recreate the same sort of narrative that I do within the games I GM but to make it more ‘personal’.

Creating a Character for D&D 5th Edition.

I actually do not play in any games at all (I would be available if anyone wanted me!) so I rarely get the opportunity to actually play a character. To be honest, I’m not sure I would be even very good at it and, although I have created some characters, I think that I would be swirling around the abyss of character creation before I even managed to chose a class!

To be honest it you are wanting me to play then it would be a lot better just to tell me the type of character you want me to play!

To be honest it you are wanting me to play then it would be a lot better just to tell me the type of character you want me to play! Because of this lack of playing, I have written the narratives in first person, as if I am playing the scene. Also, and I apologise for this, I haven’t spent a huge amount of time creating a world or even a setting. It is literally what comes to me at the time. So don’t expect a huge amount of of background material.

As for how I write them. Well, I tend to write them in short vignettes. These are short and to the point and then I decide where to take the action next. They are a bit like the old Fighting Fantasy Books in that I decide at the end of each section what to do next. I know it sounds strange, but I really do not know what will happen at the end of each ‘scene’ I just write a section, go away and, when I come back to it, see where the story takes me. I literally type and see what happens. I guess this does nothing for the continuity within the narratives! Coupled with this is the fact that I am not writing in a certain genre. This first one is in a cyberpunk setting, but the next one might be fantasy, the one after that, romance – never done a romance narrative – it would be interesting!

Anyway, enough of trying to avoid publishing the first section of the first narrative. I just wanted you to get some idea about where I was coming from with these – please don’t expect a Tolkien masterpiece – my brain is more scientific and mathematical and I always say to people that I am the most non-creative person alive! In essence, I am not sure that creativity actually exists. And with that bomb shell I will leave you to enjoy the first installment.


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