Well you have to on Star Wars Day!

So last Monday was the infamous 4th May and after watching a number of Twitch Streams throughout the day, I was motivated to download Stars Wars the Old Republic and start playing again…soon I was back to my usual problem though – what to play!

For me in Star Wars, there are just too many permanent choices to make. After the usual faction and race decision, I have to decide on roles and classes. Within each class there is, at 10th level, the choice of two different disciplines. And then, three different choices within each tree. Without knowing the ‘end game’ it is often difficult to decide not only my role but also which is the best role to be. Of course, many might say – ‘play what you want’ – but I have an unnerving ability to pick the class/role/specialism which is the most dire to play and level. Coupled with this is that I don’t feel I have a role that I always go with. Towelliee always seems to go with a tank, and, although my initial thought was a healer – as in my Devoted Cleric, I know I have been recently enjoying the tank classes as in my Paladin in WoW. After making up several classes and playing them to tenth and then feeling I had made the wrong decision (it is permanent at that stage) I ended up having to think about four different classes and how I would develop these if needed. So, in no particular order I introduce my Telekinesis Sage (Ranged DPS), my Shield Vanguard (Tank), My healing Smuggler and finally my twin wielding Sentinel Jedi (Melee DPS). I’ve also joined a guild! yes you did hear that right...Diversity. Not sure how that will go but I am trying.

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