What I am saving my crowns for…

I rarely waffle on about Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) but I have, through recommendations from my community on Twitch, started to be more active on the ESO reddit and reading the ESO News page everyday. It was while reading the latter that I came across the Crown Store Showcase for August 2018 – and thought I feel for the first time I need more crowns!

Armour to wear

Costumes and Outfits

Up until the Mayhem Event I had just explored the world and leveled characters to 50th. It is only after I started to venture into the battleground and alliance war that I have recognised the wealth of other material which is available within the game. I also want to look my best in the game so costumes and outfits are important to me. Although the Kinlord’s Alinor Attire is not that appealing – I really love the Renegade Dragon Priest armour – it certainly looks fantastic as well as being dark and sinister. That armour will definitely be on my shopping list!

Hats and Crafting

I’m afraid I am just getting into crafting. I saw a tweet from Bacon (@ThatOneBaconGuy) asking if anyone could make Hist armour who was available. This really appeals to the merchant in me and as I get the crafting skills to 50, I know I will want to have all the styles in my crating repertoire. These might not be at the top of my shopping list, but they will be soon and I am always a sucker for ‘limited time only’ offers!

Wolf Hunter DLC

I have to admit that I am not fully aware of what this is all about. It appears to be a new dungeon but where it is and whether I will be able to access it is as yet not known – one for my community to help me with! I’m not really a horse or dog fan (Guars forever!!!) so the new mount and non combat pet doesn’t really appeal to me. Why have a horse when you can have a Guar!


As you might have read if you are on the ESO Reddit – I am currently looking into buying a house to settle down in. The Daggerfall Outlook is currently top of the list, but if you think there is a better one then please do let me know in the comments below. Once I have enough crowns to buy it (hoping my streaming with help with this!) I will be busy creating furniture! The Tyrants of the Merethic Furnishing Pack looks great – who wouldn’t want a flying bone dragon hanging from their ceiling!

Mounts and Pets

You might have guessed my view on mounts and pets already! I tend to go for the unusual looking ones. Horses are a big no no, and, although I do have cat and wolf mounts, I always think I look far too big for them! But, OMG, there are a couple of really cute non combat pets coming to the crown store – the Alinor Ringtail and Prong-Eared Grimalkin. The first is just so cute I wish it could ride around on my shoulder and the Grimalkin – well as the vote for cat or dogs happen on my stream, I think you can probably guess the one I would be voting for!

What about you?

So are you looking forward to anything in August’s Crown Store deals? Agree with me or are you going to be buying the horses! Don’t forget you can keep up to date with my adventures in Tamriel via my Twitch Streams or the selected highlights on YouTube. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.

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