What’s been happening?

Well I haven’t blogged for a while on this site and my four followers might be wondering what I have been up to…while wait no longer..


I’ve managed to grab some annual leave over the last few days and have enjoyed a slightly different speed and routine of life. Here, in true bullet point style, are some of the updates.

  • XBoxOne – I bought my new XBoxone some time ago and, after setting it up to my ‘main’ television in the lounge I bought games but ended up just watching Amazon Prime TV on it. In order to start to interact and use it more, I knew I would need it in my gaming room (really my bedroom) and link it to my PC in order to capture the content ready for streaming. After purchasing an Elgato Game Capture card the move was completed and now streaming can occur. I still have some issues with the sound and microphone set up, but things are now working. You can catch me streaming on TwitchTV more now.
  • Elder Scrolls Online– In an attempt to be more sociable within the games I play, I have been trying to play more on my XboxOne. My recent purchase was Elder Scrolls Online! I was involved in the beta testing for this game on the PC and really enjoyed it, liking the way you can decide what you want to play and how you want to play it. Currently I have a Templar who is sword and board normally, but has a restoration staff as a secondary weapon, ready for those dungeon healing expeditions. Levelling is going well, although it is a bit slow compared to the +12% of Star Wars the Old Republic. Currently 23rd I am progressing nicely and hopefully will be able to soon get linked up with a guild and do some raiding!
  • Guilds and Raiding -As mentioned in the previous segment, I would really like to become part of an online community and begin to engage with the end game content of some of the games I play. At the moment, I am trying to gear out my characters on World of Warcraft as well as watching streams to see what the end game of SWTOR involves – always keeping an eye out for the recruiting guilds. I realise that what I should be doing to perfecting my gameplay with one class and then demonstrating what a great player I am with that class. This would hopefully make me more desirable for guilds. At the moment, I am still debating which class to play (as usual) even considering becoming more of a stealther to be more ‘independent’. Perseverance is key here and I am determine to keep asking and getting involved. You never know – one day I might even be completing world first with a guild like Method!
  • Hopefully this is keeping you up to date with what is happening, and thanks for returning and reading. Remember you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Have a good week everyone and I’ll catch you on the stream!

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