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When I wake up

These are very short reflective blog posts. Please don’t worry about anything I say in these. I hope they provide you with some background on what goes on behind the camera!

After a tough day earlier in the month, I started one of my early morning routines of scrolling through Instagram.

I do sometimes believe in fate. There are some strange things that happen in my life that I think, if you are open to them, can actually support. I’ll tell you about my strangeness about numbers later on!

While scrolling through the stories and reels I came across someone who was talking about multi-passionate people. If you are not aware, one piece of advice that comes up in any influencer’s growth strategy is the process of ‘niche down. Basically, this is focusing all your IG posts and reels on one area – the area or topic that you want to be known for. Initially, I had thought about being a productive person, but I found it so hard to target this area consistently. I also enjoy live streaming and trying to stay positive and of course, RPG systems. I felt that I didn’t have the expertise to focus completely on one niche and this was what was causing my crash and burn issue earlier.

So, while watching the IG content, I came across a post that was talking about multi-passionate people. Basically, these were people like me who had a number of passions and who felt could not niche down. The person was basically saying that multi-passionate people are another group of content creators who exist and that being multi-passionate is fine! You might not grow at fast, and all the content might not be applicable to all your followers, but they know this when they follow.

This gave me some hope! I think I am one of these multi-passionate people. In a way, that is what makes me, me. I am not a master of one element, I am mediocre in a number of areas. I’m happy about that and maybe it will help me move forward.

Before we go – numbers. When I look at clock times I tend to see palindromes or some other sort of pattern. I know that I probably look at the time and only acknowledge it when I do see palindromes or patterns like 1234 but I thought it was interesting. Well now that I have committed it to type, it probably comes across as I am some sort of crackpot!

All the best – inwils!

Something has dawned on me these last couple of weeks. I’m more than happy about it, but it can be a little inconvenient at times!

For other people, I have heard it happens on walks or when sitting alone in the garden. For me, it is first thing in the morning. As soon as I open my eyes no matter what the time is, it happens!

Ideas come flooding in!

Over the past few months, I have noticed that this is definitely a pattern. I wake up and thoughts and ideas come flooding into my mind. On the first couple of occasions, I did nothing about them thinking that these were such great ideas that I am bound to remember them in the morning. Sadly, I didn’t 😥. To this day I am wondering what ideas I had that have just disappeared into the ether, lost forever!

After losing a few to my sieve-like memory, I started to record everything that I thought about. I will be making a video about how I capture my ideas and tasks so do look out for this on YouTube!

The only issue with recording everything is that it makes me more and more awake. Even when I think, that’s enough ideas brain, let me sleep a little longer, and I roll over and shut my eyes – BAM! more ideas flood in!

In the end, I just give up on sleeping further and get up. Interestingly enough as soon as I get up, the creative thoughts stop and my brain goes back to sleep.

It is as if it wants me up, it forces me to get up, and then it can have the bed to itself and sleep longer. I never realised I had such a selfish and devious brain!

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