Why I love Combat – Mythras Style!


I’ve been playing RPGs (Role-Playing Games) for decades and I have encountered a range of combat procedures. From the wonderful Tunnels and Trolls when you just added up all the combat points from one said and compared it to the other side, through AD&D first edition with THAC0s and the involved Shadowrun with numerous dice rolling across the table. Each have their advantages but I often feel that fighters lack the involvement in combat which allows them to shine. But that was until I discovered Mythras!

Does anyone remember the spell from Tunnels and Trolls called – “Take that you fiend!”

In a nutshell…


The video above is an in depth discussion of the combat system but you probably don’t have the time to listen to all that and I want to explain why I particularly like the system.

  • Action Points : Each character has a number of action points which they can use throughout combat. These can be used to attack but also evade and parry. With the possibility of losing a limb, it is always worth keeping an action point to parry!
  • Percentage System: Your combat skill is a percentage. You need your current skill level of below to hit. But it gets better – there is a chance that you might score a critical hit or a fumble! And it gets even better! If your skill goes above 100% then the additional points over the 100% is deducted from the defender’s skill to parry – epic!
  • Specials! – Yes, the game has combat specials. These range from being able to disarm your opponent to tripping them over. You can by-pass armour or even damage their weapon – breaking it and rendering it useless. A combat expert truly becomes an expert as they utilise their specials to influence combat.
  • Hit Locations – Rather than having one HUGE hit point pool. Each location has its own hit points which only changes if you increase your abilities (STR, CON etc). Within the specials you can choose location to hit! But you can also wear armour on different locations in order to protect yourself. Gully used to wear a cooking pot on his head! Better than being decapitated!
  • Wounds – There are three different types of wounds in Mythas, minor, serious and major! Minor wounds are just those little cuts etc. But serious wounds are exactly that – roll an endurance check to withstand the pain or you are out unconscious on the fall! Suffer a major wound and fail your endurance check and you could easily lose a limb, head or even die instantly! No one does a Leroy Jenkins in Mythras combat unless they really do want to lose their head!


  • Shields! – Having a serious shield fetish, anything which makes them have more of an impact on combat and I am there. Ward location allows you to use your shield to protect certain areas of your body and, if the opponent hits that location, the shield takes the blow! Who would not have a shield!
  • Fatigue – People can’t fight forever in Mythras. After so many rounds, characters need to make an endurance check otherwise they start to get fatigued. This makes their skills harder to achieve. If you do get into combat, it is worth finishing it as quick as possible!


So have I tempted you? If you want to see it all come together then I’ve linked a recent combat below. Would you below the party had to deal with three skeletons -yes you heard that right – 3 skeletons. Consider how quick that would be over within DnD – with everyone wielding bludgeoning weapons and the cleric whipping out their holy symbol!

Well in Mythras, it takes a little longer and gets a little more involved. This is not for everyone, but for me, it allows my fighters to really become artists with their weapons!


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