🧙‍♂️Why is it always the mage?🧙‍♂️


When it comes to any MMOs or RPG I am drawn to the spell casters.

I’m not sure why this is. Maybe I like the idea of unlimited power. Or the idea of carrying a staff and wearing robes. But are they that powerful?

Famous fighters?

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I challenge you to do something. Make a list, whether that is verbal or written, of all the great mages in literature or films. Then, list the great fighters or rogues or even paladins.

You might have thought of Legolas or possibly Aragorn but were there really that many? I did think of the witcher, but he definitely has some magic.

My point is that there are more famous mages than any other class. They adore literature from Lord of the Rings to the Belgariad books. They can be as good as Gandalf or as evil as ‘He who should not be named”.

Spell casters are definitely more famous than fighters!

Infamous Baddies!

When it comes to evil villains, Spell casters are the best!

In the stories and films, it is a mage that is leading the army and wants to take over the world. It is a spell caster who is raising an undead army and moving to dominate the lands of both the living and the dead.

From the high towers to the hidden crypts there is always a mage planning to rule the world. They have a total commitment to power. They are willing to gain power at any cost and, if forced to, would probably kill their own grandma!

Even though they are stood there in dusty, shabby robes and leaning on a crooked staff you know that they are wielding immense power and will be able to strike their opponents down with a slight flick of their wrist or uttering a strange but powerful word.

Let’s face it, when was the last time you heard of an evil bard trying to take over the world?

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Geek the mage!

And finally, there are the games themselves.

In the Shadowrun campaign world the phrase “Geek the mage!” is well-known and regularly used.

When faced with a force of incoming ruffians or a corporate assault squad, the first target that needs to be eliminated is the mage! The power that they possess is greater than technology or guns! Their power is adaptable, powerful and well, deadly. Anyone not taking the initial instruction could easily find themselves bursting into flames or mind controlled to take a long walk along a short cliff!

Mages have immense power! Imagine that they were allowed to wear full plate armour and carry a huge battle axe and still cast spells. Then they would seriously be OP!


Maybe this is why I like playing spell casters. Yes, we look weak and feeble. Yes, we look like a strong breeze will knock us to the ground. But within those frail bodies there lurks immense power

No matter how you look at it, spell casters are both awesome and deadly. They are able to raise armies and conquer lands. Make every single element erupt from their hands and even disintegrate any living person completely.

We might have only our robes and crooked staff to protect us but don’t think we are easy opponents. People who have made that mistakes in the past are long gone!

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