Why should you visit my site?

Why should you visit my site? – well here is the answer!

Accept the challenge?
Accept the challenge?

While watching Sylier on TwitchTV there was an option to complete challenges every day in order to get points. You could then use these points to buy ‘tickets’ to be entered into prize draws. This was, of course, a way to encourage people to visit and come back again and again. There is a term for this in the technology enhanced learning called gammifcation. In order to try out this, before using it on my academic site, I have installed an add-on called Captain Up! You should be able to see a little tag on the right hand sign of the screen to create an account and start to gain points. The leader board – I’m currently in the lead, appears on the blog pages in the side bar. I’m adding a few random badges and points to learn the system more. There are no prizes or anything, just the thrill of challenge. The final level is called ‘Legend’ and, in those immortal words, “There can be only one!”. Thanks for your participation.


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