Would you pay for the pleasure?

If you didn’t enjoy doing something, I guess you wouldn’t do it – apart from things that you have to do for a variety of reasons. Although I spend a lot of time writing blog posts and preparing for streaming and radio shows, I do enjoy doing it. However, one thing which is always nice to have, as well as the satisfaction of streaming, running a radio station and blog, is that feeling that you have given something to someone else. This usual comes in the form of viewers, listeners and general ratings. However, within Twitch there is a partnered programme which allows people to actually pay for the pleasure of being part of the community which the streamer creates. But I can’t seem to get my head round this idea of paying for what I do…why? Well that is the topic of this week’s blog post.

Do you have a lucky number? Hang on, in your experience there might be no such thing as luck – so let me rephrase – do you have a number you like or is special for you? I have two – 7 and 13! They are both odd, prime, and often disliked by others. I think I probably like these two numbers because they share characteristics of myself! – can I be prime? (starts to count my factors). When I am streaming or doing my radio shows, you have a counter that tells you how many listeners/viewers you have. It is interesting that on my channels, it appears to be always close to my first favourite number and sometimes closer to my second, although very rarely into double figures. Streaming and presenting on the radio gets easier, I think, when you know you are talking to someone or when there is interaction. In order to promote viewers/listens I have, recently, been looking at how to increase my viewers/listeners. As well as currently completing an ‘Improve your broadcasting skills’ course, I have been looking at how people promote engagement with their channels through the use of benefits and tiers from subscriptions. Now, let’s face the facts here, with my usual six viewers – which I am so grateful for! – I’m not going to be able to reach partnership status on Twitch – so I started to look at other avenues, including GameWisp. However, when looking at the benefits for each tier, I started to wonder why on earth people would pay for them on my channel…

  • Play with me.. – One of the early tier benefits is that, if you have paid the subscription, you are allowed to play in the game with the streamer. One of the characteristics of many streamers is their ability to play the game efficiently with some degree of expertise. I’m the sort of person that, if you watched me playing any game, you would be thinking – OMG! he cant play! Indeed, one of my reasons for streaming is to make people feel better about themselves. If you think you are bad, then come along and watch me play – you will instantly feel better about your style and playing style. My style has been called ‘unorthodox’ which is probably a very good description. Because of this, I don’t think I would dare ask people to pay to play with me in the game. I actually rely on people helping me in the games so I don’t want to stop this by putting them off by charging them – maybe I should pay them the subscription charge in order to help me!
  • VIP Access – Another benefit for subscribing via the GameWisp site, is that the subscribers get some sort of VIP access. This could be related to having access to TeamSpeak or a specific game server. I do have a Mumble server that came with my Minecraft server and I have been using Discord a lot recently – but I can’t imagine that people would pay to actually be able to chat with me – rather than just typing. As for the VIP access to my Minecraft server I can not actually get people to join and play without charging them, I’m sure that paying for the privilege is only going to complicate this more rather than helping the situation. I can see this working for the ‘popular’ people and/or servers, but for small fry streamers like myself, I can’t see it really being an option. There is the added benefit of getting early access to videos on Youtube. Well – I do wonder how many of my 7-13 views would pay to see the video earlier than the release…any?

  • And finally…

  • Extra Waffles and Giveaways – One of the reasons I am looking at some kind of system that generates money for my streams etc is two fold. Initially I want to do some giveaways for my viewers. They are extremely dedicated and come back week after week to support my stream and help me play. It would be great to actually do some giveaways to give them something back. Rather than just doing the odd one, it would be great to do one every week but this is an added cost! As well as this, there appears to be a growing cost for everything I do and, although I understand that I should personally finance this, having some kind of income to support the projects would be beneficial. This is when there appears to be a ‘Catch22’ situation. I do have a currency on my channel and Minecraft server but, at the moment, it has no purpose. The idea was for the viewers/followers to be able to use the points to enter giveaways – but in order for this to happen I need some sort of invest to finance the prizes. I’ve implemented some associate programmes but these have been, so far, less than successful. I would never expect people to pay for a benefit which has no purpose. For example – if you are paying for extra currency you would expect to have a purpose or an added advantage of having more ‘waffles’.

  • I have come to a conclusion while writing this blog – I need to actually reverse the subscription process. Instead of people subscribing to me, I should be paying them to support my channel! This is definitely a new concept but one which would appear to be more suitable for my channel/station. I don’t actually subscribe to any channel at the moment, I did once, mainly because I enjoyed watching the streamer and he just got his ‘button’ and he needed the support. Maybe, there are people out there that would see me trying to succeed and support me in a similar way. For me, the greatest support I could actually hope for at the moment is people coming along and watching and listening to what I am doing – if you are reading/listening to this, then thanks for your support 🙂 there is no cheque in the post for you, but you do have my thanks. Einstein once said something which matches my view about my streaming/radio shows. I take the liberty to alter it slightly, but the meaning is still the same. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. You should see my deodorant bill at the moment!

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