Would you wear purple jeans?

There is one thing that I have always wanted to wear and that is a pair of purple jeans! What’s stopping me? Read more to find out.

Would you wear purple jeans?
Would you wear purple jeans?

I can safely say that I am not the mots fashionable person. I seriously like clothes and really like buying them, but I always consider that I am probably living in the 1970-80s where I spent my teenage life. I like buying clothes so much that I often find items in my drawers and wardrobe that still have the tag on them and I look at them pondering the question. “when did I buy these!”

But you can search through my wardrobe, drawers and even the plastic boxes under my bed and you will not find one single pair of purple trousers or jeans. I once saw a pair – a really nice pair in, would you believe, Topman! Now Topman is not that shop that I frequent very often – it tends to be full of teenagers buying the ‘in trend’ clothes that everyone is wearing – well not everyone, but the ‘trendy’ people. Now, you have to understand that these purple jeans looked fantastic and I decided to brave the teenage groupies and venture into the changing room to try a pair one. Looking back on the experience I think I should have remembered everything I knew about the shop and not even ventured in – but you live and learn. I took the correct size into the changing room and started to try them on. Now you must remember I am a middle aged man now, and I think, although I had taken in the correct size, there appears to be a different between ‘middle aged man’ sizes and Topman sizes. I could hardly get my feet into the leg holes to start of with and the the waist band wouldn’t pass my thighs! By the time I had got them off and back on the hanger I can safely say I had probable lost a few more inches through hot flushes!

I think I have come to that time in my life when I need to be realistic about things – although there are clothes that I would love to wear, they will either make me look like I am trying desperately to relive my teenage years or have suddenly become eccentric in my old age. Many might be reading this and exclaiming that you should wear what you want to wear – although I do often wonder whether they are the same people who are looking at that person and thinking – sheesh- what do they think they are wearing!

The appeal for purple trousers might still be in my ‘you are as young as you feel’ ego, but I think it is possibly time for the ‘be realistic’ ego to take charge and dictate what I can fashionably wear – as well as telling me the shops I should buy my clothes in. I hear that M&S has a sale on at the moment πŸ™‚

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