Yet another Star Wars adventure

Well, I have eventually made it! I am not a the proud owner of a 60th Jedi Telekinesis Sage! I was well planned and made sure I was streaming as it happened, so here are two videos, the first is the ending of my Shadows of Revan, and the second the moment I hit 60th – a good achievement, but not a very spectacular battle.

Ending of Shadow of Revan
The moment I get 60th

Last night, when I was finishing the quests on Ziost I was invited into an operation group with the guild! Although I did wish I was a healer at this point, I thought I would just cope with trying to do it via ranged DPS. I did enjoy it, although I had a few deaths as I got to know the fights. Unfortunately one of healers (a sage I think) lost connection just at the final boss and with no other healer available, we had to leave it, although they did say they would complete today :). I started to think about switching to be healing spec and after checking how to do this, I nearly did change. But, at the last minute, I decided that I wanted a bit of a challenge and was going to start a new character in order to heal. My choice? Welcome to Aidrone, my Trooper!

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