You can do anything!

I remember listening to a headteacher in an assembly once saying to the children to take every opportunity they possible can as the grow up, since these opportunities are like doors and as you get older they close. I know I am never going to be a gymnast now or even a concert pianist (sorry mum) but is it possible to actually learn how to do something, or do you need to have some sort of natural talent in the subject first.

There has recently been a wealth of programmes on the television which puts the people through a series of challenges with winners progressing and losers falling by the wayside. The Great British Bake Off and Sewing Bee to mention just two. One of the ones that I caught the end of the other week was ‘The Great British Paint off!’ I’m not sure if it was actually called that, but I remember thinking whether it would be possible to learn to paint? For me I think in order to be good at any creative skill you need to have some sort of natural talent there to start of with. If someone could teach people to be great artists, wouldn’t we all be fantastic artists and making a fortune from blank canvases with a milk bottle top stuck in the middle. (if you don’t know what a milk bottle top is – ask your mum!)

When it comes to sport, however, this might not be the case. Although you might still need some sort of talent to be representing Great Britain in the next Olympics, apparently with hard work and regular practice you can become rather good at a sport. How do I know this? Well I am referring to an article that recently appeared on the BBC website ‘Can you win at anything if you practise hard enough?’

I am aware that this was published on the 1st April and also that the actual experiment was not the greatest of successes, but there was some improvement in the player who practised every day in his dining room. It might be that practice will make you perfect at anything, as long as there is some talent or ability there to start of with. Maybe it is really down to a sense of self belief? Believing that you can get better might actually mean you persevere and achieve something. I do feel that I, as well as many other people, give up quite easily. If I really want to achieve something that I will last for longer, but often the moment something goes wrong or there is little or no improvement that’s it, I hang up my gloves and settle down to watch the tele. I think that often we might want improvements quicker or sometimes instantly. Attending the gym at least three times a week I was hoping for some physical improvements and, although I must be improving somewhere, I keep having to push myself to go since that adonis body is, as yet, eluding me.

I suppose one aspect of the story that I was impressed by was the dedication to make the video (if it was real) and the commitment to practise everyday! If we could all reach an epic standard through practice alone, then you can guarantee that I will be stopping this blogging lark pretty soon since there is definitely more money in being a pro footballer! Now where did I leave my boots!

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