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You have got this!


I have only one week of my annual leave. I am getting to that place where my anxiety starts to nag at the back of my mind saying that I have to go back to work soon. Coupled with this, I start to look back at what I have achieved. I think I am very self-deprecating. A colleague at work once said I was. I try to be optimistic, but looking back on my leave, I often focus on the negative rather than the positive. I start to think, however, am I any further near to my dream?

GenCon Tweets

GenCon 2019 is in full swing. I spend several minutes every morning looking at the tweets and enjoying the experience. Could I go? No way! I have a real phobia about flying and I am socially awkward in real life and know that I will end up sitting in a corner by myself. Might as well do that in my local coffee shop! It was while I was browsing through the tweets that I saw this excellent one from Sacratticus Academy
Scratticus Academy

It was the last part that really struck a chord with me. Knowing that, through a huge amount of hard work, Scratticus has managed so much. I really take my hat off to him. I’m still in my job, doing something which I would love to be full time in my spare time. But rather than be self-deprecating about it, I thought I would share some positivity.

Keep going, stay positive

I wrote a blog post a while ago talking about ‘Life being hard at the bottom‘. Looking back on it, I hope it doesn’t come across too negative. I wrote it to try and share positivity and motivation.

It’s really hard creating content and being a ‘no-one’. You plough in long hours and a huge amount of emotional energy hoping that it pays off. You check for comments, ReTweets, Likes and viewers. You see how other people, doing the same as you grow, and achieve and you wonder whether it is you, your content or both? And then, in times of extreme ‘lowness’ you have that thought, is it worth it? And finally is it easier just to give up?

Keep going…You’ve got this!

This is when you need to hear positive words. I’m not an expert writing this from a place of achievement. I am someone who is on the same level as you and probably a lot lower than many of you. And I would say to you – stay positive, keep going and remember, you’ve got this. What we are doing is appreciated by people. Think of those people who turn up every week in our streams. That community that supports us by religiously watching and reading our content. Remember how much we enjoy producing content. Don’t let the numbers deflate that feeling.

Cup with the saying 'Today is gonna be a good day'

The one thing left in Pandora’s Box was ‘Hope’. And that is something which we all have. I don’t think I will be getting a ten million dollar offer to move to Mixer any time soon (maybe Twitch might pay Mixer to take me off their hands!). But I am not giving up – and you should not either. If you enjoy what you are doing then continue to work hard and have the positivity that tomorrow is a new day and it brings more opportunities and possibilities.

Don’t give up, stay positive and continue to work hard. I’m sending you positive vibes and perseverance. Just think, next year, you might be tweeting from GenCon, saying how much you have achieved and how grateful you are. And I for one, believe that it will happen and it will happen for you.

Positive Quote on a book - 'One Small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day'

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